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A New Type of Legal Team

for Extraordinary Times


A boutique Arizona firm serving the complex civil litigation needs of business, government and individuals

Rapid Responses & Fully Informed Clients

Modern clients require a law firm that matches the pace of our high-tech, high-speed world and helps them make rapid decisions, seize near-term opportunities, and quickly resolve disputes. The team at Richards & Moskowitz helps clients ranging from corporations to government agencies and officials, and even individuals, do all that. And we make it happen by first listening and learning, and then providing prompt and proactive representation through unparalleled client communication.

Our distinctive client approach ensures a team of experienced lawyers and paraprofessional staff will focus on understanding each client’s unique goals and concerns, executing on those goals efficiently, and keeping our clients informed. We believe this team approach assures outstanding attention to client priorities while achieving results faster and more economically. Plus, it provides the sort of broad understanding of our business, government and individual clients that fosters trust and long-term reliance.

Your Personalized Team

Lawyers Serving
All of Arizona

We serve clients in the Phoenix metro area, in all other parts of Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona, and we associate with counsel in other states to serve clients outside Arizona.  The attorneys at our firm have been recognized for their outstanding professionalism and superior client satisfaction.

Arizona Civil Trial Attorneys

“We are not about picking sides, but about enforcing justice.”

As experienced trial attorneys we help clients of all kinds tell their story well.  We defend those falsely accused of wrongdoing, while also seeking relief for those exploited by forces bigger than themselves.  We take decisive action to enforce the rights our legal system gives its citizens against fraud, discrimination, and destruction of property and reputation.  We rush to protect those who play by the rules from abusive lawsuits that harass, intimidate or try to extort unjustified settlements.  Ours is a quality rather than a volume practice, and it’s all about creating a relationship of trust for those who deserve the best trial lawyers available. 

Meet Our Team

BILL Richards

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Savanna Wright
Savanna Wright

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Litigation Skills

Our litigation skills extend to helping business owners, large and small, as well as government agencies and officials, protect hard-earned assets or programs, manage risk, proactively defend both contract and tort claims, and effectively resolve real estate and lending issues, intellectual property and non-compete claims, administrative law matters, and civil rights claims. 

Our Practice

Our attorneys’ broad and diverse experience allows us to represent clients in all aspects of their business and personal disputes. Whether interacting with regulatory officials, representing a client in an active lawsuit, or providing advice regarding business strategies and practices, our attorneys are well prepared to help resolve a wide array of client problems.

Our Experience

Our experience representing both sides in many different types of disputes is one of our many significant strengths. If you are involved in litigation, our attorneys know how the other side thinks, what positions they are likely to take, and what tactics they are likely to use. This helps us act proactively, develop wise and efficient strategies and plan countermoves to best protect your interests.


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