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Administrative Law

Richards & Moskowitz offers representation of government agencies, government officers, and private citizens impacted by government regulation. In all cases, we guide our clients through the legal maze often associated with administrative law disputes. 

Our unique experience in representing clients on both sides of administrative and regulatory matters means we are particularly good at predicting the strategies that may be employed by opposing parties. This valuable perspective allows us to address these matters quickly and efficiently.

Ultimately, successful representation in administrative matters requires the ability to understand the legal rules that determine what constitutes a viable claim. The attorneys at Richards & Moskowitz combine this insight with solid trial presentation techniques to maximize the potential for a positive outcome.

Examples of administrative law issues that the attorneys at Richards & Moskowitz can help you with include:


PROFESSIONALS in the education, investment and securities, medical, legal, accounting, architecture, construction, realty and other fields must maintain licenses and are subject to governmental regulation for their professional activities. Such licenses carry with them ongoing governmental or regulatory oversight that can subject license holders to investigation, sanction, and even revocation of their licenses. 

BUSINESSES may be required to maintain permits certifying they have met and are in compliance with governmental standards for their industry. Examples include restaurants and other foodservice businesses, establishments selling alcohol, medical facilities, and spas or salons. Obtaining permits and keeping them in good standing may involve confusing regulations and dealing with overtaxed regulators.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES benefit from our input and advice when licensing questions or disputes arise.  The refusal, suspension or revocation of a license often creates large incentives for the license applicant or holder to seek legal relief.  We help clients facing protracted litigation to identify strategies for honoring their administrative responsibilities while still moving the case along quickly with as little dispute as possible.


As the federal government delegates more responsibility to state, county and local governments to deliver important services, agencies in Arizona are increasingly in search of services and products from private companies. If you submitted a bid or proposal to provide goods and services to a government agency, but were not successful, you are entitled to challenge the decision if it did not comply with the relevant procurement law.   Government agencies can also benefit from the type of unique issue-spotting and creative problem solving our attorneys can provide in dealing with procurement disputes.


Many types of businesses must comply with standards of practice created by state, county or local statutes, regulations, ordinances or codes. You or your business may be under investigation for violating the requirements of your licenses, permits, or other regulatory requirements. Or, you may face an administrative hearing, perhaps involving the imposition of serious penalties or sanctions, including the loss or suspension of a license that is the lifeblood of your business.  

Some other examples of state, county, and municipal regulations affecting businesses include:

  • Health & safety codes
  • Zoning and pollution ordinances
  • Environmental regulations
  • Building codes
  • Tax codes
  • Aesthetic regulations for signage and upkeep of properties

The ability of counties, cities and towns to regulate your business or use of property is not unlimited, however.  Regulations should provide exceptions for pre-existing uses and should not violate due process or free speech rights. We can help individuals and businesses navigate through these legal intricacies.

Richards & Moskowitz also has a wealth of experience advising government officials who face the threat that exercising their governmental duties will result in claims of improper or illegal interference with a citizen’s livelihood or property rights.  


Many Arizona citizens and businesses participate in federally, state, or locally funded government programs providing services such as: 

  • healthcare assistance
  • housing
  • building job skills
  • transportation
  • child care
  • care for developmentally disabled children
  • care and enrichment opportunities for the elderly

Businesses that provide such services are subject to detailed governmental oversight and compliance with layers of regulation requiring truly specialized knowledge to avoid making mistakes. Richards & Moskowitz can help your business navigate through these complex requirements. We also represent government clients in addressing benefits and entitlement claims. And, we assist private parties by helping them understand eligibility and the entitlement process. 


Arizona enjoys a dynamic state election system which utilizes Clean Elections campaign financing, a healthy initiative and referendum process, and proactive recall laws. 

Navigating this complex area often requires the help of attorneys who understand the relevant election regulations, and who can work with governmental decision makers who oversee the election processes at the state, county and local levels. Richards & Moskowitz has the requisite background to challenge and attempt to overturn:

  • restrictions on voting that may run afoul of constitutional, federal or state laws protecting citizens’ rights to vote
  • regulations that improperly restrict the time or manner of voting
  • regulations that adversely impact the ability of underrepresented or minority groups to cast their votes

We also have the knowledge and effective advocacy needed to skillfully represent government officials and departments tasked with conducting elections. 


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