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Mediation & Arbitration

Litigation can be a costly endeavor. Smart parties and counsel seek out early, alternative dispute resolution wherever possible. Whether you are looking for a neutral mediator to help broker a compromise or an arbitrator to hear and decide your dispute, the team at Richards & Moskowitz can help you.

Mediation is a voluntary process that provides the parties a formal settlement process, allowing them to reach a less costly, negotiated resolution of their matter. Often, proactive parties look to early mediation of their dispute before litigation is even commenced. A successful mediation is dependent on having willing, prepared participants, and a skillful mediator.

Richards & Moskowitz, with its breadth of experience, is well-equipped to handle your mediation. We represent large and small business clients, individual consumers, and even government agencies and officials. Also, our practice has a healthy mix of defense and plaintiff work.  Unlike attorneys whose practice is less balanced, we are able to understand and appreciate both sides of a dispute. As mediators, our attorneys apply successful negotiation strategies designed to identify common ground quickly, to creatively develop workable settlement alternatives, and to foster the type of mutual trust and respect needed to make mediation work.

Arbitration supplies the parties with an expedited and less formal dispute resolution process in which an experienced arbitrator decides the outcome of the dispute, rather than a judge or jury. Our firm’s arbitration experience allows us to streamline discovery, evidentiary issues and case presentation. This efficiency reduces costs as well as the uncertainty and risk of trial in court.


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