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Defamation, Slander & Libel

At Richards & Moskowitz, our defamation, libel and slander attorneys have broad experience that can help answer your questions about this area of the law.  

  • Defamation:  If you, your business entity, or product has been the target of false and disparaging comments by others, including business competitors, we can quickly help you.  We will assess whether the statements are legally actionable, plan a legal strategy for stopping the defamation, and obtain relief for any damages it has caused.  Also, we have broad experience defending against defamation claims and advocating to obtain insurance coverage against such claims when available through business or homeowners’ policies.
  • Slander: defined as making false and damaging statements about someone. If such statements are presented as facts, rather than judgment or opinion, they can be considered slanderous.  They may harm a person’s reputation, career, ability to own a home, and inhibit various other potential monetary opportunities.  If you have been a victim of slander, we can help determine if your case warrants the pursuit of compensation in court.
  • Internet and Social Media:  the exponential communication opportunities and reach offered by the internet and social media make libel, slander, and defamation disputes extremely prevalent today.  Such issues, intertwined with First Amendment free speech rights, present a complex set of legal questions. The experienced attorneys at Richards & Moskowitz can help you untangle these sophisticated issues.
  • Online Reputation Management:  Statements you or your business make, or that are made about you, may reach a hundred thousand people in a matter of minutes.  Such statements may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to control or retract. The stakes have never been higher for protecting your First Amendment rights to speak freely about subjects, persons or businesses without the risk of facing a libel, slander or defamation lawsuit, and for protecting yourself and your business when someone else’s speech goes too far and threatens harm to you.  

Richards & Moskowitz offers the kind of experience and commitment that can help you effectively address libel, slander, or defamation risks arising from:

  • Assertions made about the practices or products of a business;
  • Statements made about people or businesses in news reports, newsletters, or business advertisements;
  • Assertions made about a financial planning or wealth management business, or about an investment opportunity;
  • Statements made about a business on an Internet review site, such as a restaurant, hotel, product, business or other review site;
  • Spreading of confidential or derogatory information by a former employee of a business;
  • Statements included in employee evaluations or references;
  • Statements made for or against a public official or candidate for elected office; and
  • Posting of damaging or private photos or videos on the internet or social media.

Whether these or other situations require demand letters or litigation, our attorneys can offer the type of experienced and practical service you need to protect yourself and your business.